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Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot Survival Manual

Rod Machado's Instrument Pilot Survival Manual

  • $ 3495

This unique book contains a wealth of interesting and exciting information on instrument flying. Rod's 34 years of flying experience makes this an important resource.

Here's Some of What's Inside:
• Scanning, Ice, Thunderstorm Avoidance
• Jep & NACO (Government) Chart Usage * Pro thinking Skills
• IFR Departure Skills
• Cockpit Management
• GPS Chart Construction
• Flying GPS approaches & Much More.
This book is unlike any other book on instrument flying you have encountered. It's based on Rod's popular IFR refresher course and contains answers to questions that concern the neophyte and the professional instrument pilot. Questions like:
• How do you know if a cloud contains a thunderstorm?
• How can you use Center & ASR-9 radar to avoid ice and convective activity?
• Is there a good way to estimate visibility while at DH or MDA?
• Can I increase the efficiency of my scan and reduce my cockpit workload?
• How do I interpret and use all those symbols on approach charts?
• How do I interpret GPS approach charts?
• How do I fly GPS approaches?
• And much, much more
Note: The Instrument Pilot's Survival Manual is intended primarily as a book to learn IFR flying skills. The Instrument Flying Handbook is intended to provide the broad based knowledge necessarily to fly IFR safely and competently.
Illustrated with humorous drawings and containing some of the most spectacular reports of pilots gripped by the problems of instrument flight, it's sure to educate and entertain you. Written in a humorous style this 424 page (50 pages in color) book will prepare you to be a more educated and proficient pilot. Excellent for any IFR student, experienced professional pilot or as an IFR refresher.

1 Thinking like the pros 
2 The art of the instrument scan 
3 Self talk for survival 
4 Managing Cockpit resources 
5 ADF - a living legacy 
6 the truth about holding patterns 
7 How the IFR system works 
8 The Art of the Approach 
9 Thunderstorm avoidance 
10 Avoiding structural icing 
11 The Language of IFR charts 
12 Equipment for the approach 
13 Secrets on the front side 
14 Procedure turn secrets 
15 Approach segments 
16 At a minimum: decision altitude and MDA 
17 Instrument departures 
18 Enroute chart secrets 
19 GPs, RNAV, & Approach charts 
20 The GPs machine 
21 Advanced Thunderstorm avoidance

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