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Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook

Rod Machado’s Private Pilot Handbook

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A serious text written in a fun and witty style. More than 1,200 original illustrations and photos in a hardbound, full color, 624 page book. This book is a one-of-a-kind manual. You can learn or review by just looking at the pictures. However, the text is laced with Machado's humor and practical training insights, so you will want to read every last word on each page.

Written in the first person, it's as if Rod is sitting next to you, personally explaining all the necessary aspects of flying to make you an informed, confident and competent pilot. It is the first book of its kind completely written and illustrated by one instructor--a CFI with more than three decades of teaching experience, 8,000 hours as a flight instructor and literally hundreds and hundreds of aviation seminars under his belt.
Flight instructors will love using the great illustrations with their students. It will also be a favorite for its readability. It's perfect to refresh for a flight review, catch up on new rules or for student pilots to pass their FAA knowledge and oral exams.

Here's Some of What's Inside:
• Alphabet airspace made E-Z with 3-D color illustrations
• Easy to understand analogies and examples for technical subjects such as aerodynamics, engines, flight instruments, primary flight displays, etc.
• The airplane's electrical system described using the water analogy of electricity
• Step-by-step procedures for planning X-country flights and using cross country flight planning software and internet weather briefing software
• Clear, down-to-earth explanations of the latest/relevant FARs-Part 61 & 91
• Easy to apply navigation methods for VOR, GPS and ADF
• Aviation decision making tools, skills and techniques
• Practical tips and techniques for ensuring a safe and enjoyable flight.

1 Airplane Components - getting to know your airplane 
2 Aerodynamics - the wing is the thing 
3 Engines - knowledge of engines is power 
4 Electrical Systems - knowing what's watt 
5 Flight Instruments - clocks, tops, & toys 
6 Federal Aviation Regulations - how FAR can we go 
7 Airport Operations - no doctor needed 
8 Radio Operations - aviation spoken here 
9 Airspace - the wild blue, green, & red yonder 
10 Aviation Maps - the art of the chart 
11 Radio Navigation - the frequency flyer program 
12 Understanding Weather - looking for friendly skies 
13 Weather Charts & Briefings - PIREPS & METARs 
14 Flight Planning - getting from there to here 
15 Airplane Performance charts - know before you go 
16 Weight & Balance - let's wait and balance 
17 Pilot Potpourri - neat aeronautical information

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