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ONC Chart (original print)

ONC Chart (original print)

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The ONC (Operational Navigation Chart) is the standard worldwide small- scale (1: 1,000,000) aeronautical chart series, and contains cartographic data with an aeronautical overprint depicting obstructions, aerodromes, special use airspace, navigational aides, Maximum Elevation Figures (MEFs), and related data. Because of scale, some features, including obstructions, are generalized in developed regions. A Military Grid is overprinted for interoperability, especially in regions of no TPC coverage. Designed for medium altitude high- speed visual and radar navigation. Also used for mission planning/ analysis and intelligence briefings, and as source for navigational filmstrips, special purpose, and cockpit/ visual display products.


These charts do not have a printed obsolete date, though the production has been discontinued. These are original folded publications.

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