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Jeppesen Instrument / Commercial Stage Exam Book

Jeppesen Instrument / Commercial Stage Exam Book

  • $ 2095

Stage I Exam
Cover advanced human factors concepts, principles of instrument flight, instrument pilot FARs, and the flight environment.

Stage II Exam
Test your knowledge of the charts and procedures associated with the departure, enroute, arrival, and approach phases of instrument flight.

Stage III Exam
Encounter questions regarding meteorology and IFR flight considerations.

Stage IV Exam
Study aeronautical charts, pilotage and dead reckoning, aviation physiology, and the commercial FARs.

Stage V Exam
Assess your understanding of advanced systems, aerodynamics and performance limitations, commercial maneuvers, and commercial flight considerations.

Stage VI Exam
Examine multi-engine airplane operations, including aerodynamics, procedures and maneuvers, general systems, and performance charts, as well as weight and balance information.

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