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Iphone/Smartphone Digital Audio Recorder Adapter - G.A. Headsets

  • $ 4500
  • Save $ 1100

The MG-78i iPhone/Smartphone Digital Audio Recorder Adapter for G.A. Headsets allows you to interface your iPhone or other Smartphone to record digital audio transmitted through your Aviation Headset.

Note: This device has a special 4-conductor 3.5mm plug that is typical of iPhones and most other Smartphones.

•In-line with the Headphone connection, this allows the user to interface an iPhone or other Smartphone to record the audio that comes through your headset.

•One Special Male 3.5mm 4-Conductor audio plug
•One Female Standard G.A. .250" Headphone (PJ-055) Jack
•One Male Standard G.A. .250" Headphone (PJ-055) Plug

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