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Inova X5 Black Body LED

Inova X5 Black Body LED

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INOVA X5 Lithium Powered 5 Led Flashlight is an icon among flashlight. The first of its kind, the X5 Spotlight by Inova introduced the world to the power of LED technology in hand-held, battery-operated lights. Made with fanatical care and design elegance from aerospace-grade aluminum, it is on display at one of the world's great museums of modern art. The perfect long-term duty flash light, the this Inova flashlight advanced lithium batteries have an amazing 10-year shelf life for reliable performance. A flashlight is an essential tool and functionality should never suffer for the sake of design. The INOVA X-Series is an example of one of those rare product offerings that effectively combines brilliant engineering and bold looks in a highly purposeful package. Ruggedly constructed and beautifully finished, the X Series from Inova started the LED flashlight revolution.

• Material: Aerospace-grade aluminum with high grade anodized finishes
• Powersource: 2x 123A Lithium
• Bulb: 5 White LED
• Output: Spotlight
• Rechargeable: No

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