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14 inch Antique Brass Barometer

14 inch Antique Brass Barometer

  • $ 14995

This patent pending design is a 14" digital to analog barometer which features an expanded scale dial that displays 2-inchs of mercury (4 inch scale also available) on the barometric scale. If you're serious about accurate readings and would prefer a more traditional analog style when it comes to barometers look no further. A totally new configuration in barometric technology and the first of its kind anywhere. This barometer retains the traditional look of a standard aneroid barometer but provides you with digital accuracy in an analog format. This barometer is temperature compensated and displays the current barometric reading with an accuracy of plus of +/- .5 of a millibar or +/- .02 of an inch of mercury throughout the expanded 2 inch scale. Using a highly sensitive digital pressure transducer the atmosphere pressure is read, this information is then processed and sent to a very high resolution stepper motor which displays the pressure reading in an analog format. The barometer is ultra simple to adjust requiring only the touch of one button. This barometer is housed in a 14" steel case, finished in lacquered antique brass, with a 10 inch diameter dial. Accurate enough to register the smallest changes in pressure with a unique sliding magnetic index indicator to keep track of pressure trends. The two inch scale will provide very noticeable changes in pressure.

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