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Jeppesen Instrument / Commercial DVD Video Series

Jeppesen Instrument / Commercial DVD Video Series

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The Jeppesen Guided Flight Discovery (GFD) Instrument/Commercial Pilot video presentations augment the written materials by providing visual reinforcement on a variety of topics.

Divided between basic aeronautical material and maneuvers analysis, the information is presented in short segments, instructors and students have the option of watching the entire volume in class or just selected subjects.

The Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Pilot video series on DVD is an integral part of the award-winning Guided Flight Discovery pilot training system. The DVD menu follows the Jeppesen syllabus, so you can jump directly to the lesson you’re studying or review lessons that need more work.

•Principles Of Instrument Flight
•The Flight Environment
•Departure Charts (Jeppesen And NACO)
•Enroute Charts (Jeppesen And NACO)
•Arrival Charts (Jeppesen And NACO)
•Approach Charts (Jeppesen And NACO)
•Instrument Approaches
•IFR Flight Considerations
•Advanced Systems
•Commercial Maneuvers

The maneuvers section brings you complete coverage of the Commercial Pilot maneuvers, including exciting in-flight footage. It’s like having a flight instructor on call to provide personal pre-flight briefings in your home. Save flight time and money by walking through your flight lessons as many times as needed before heading for the airport.

Maneuvers Chapter Includes:
•Ground Operations
•Basic Maneuvers
•Airport Operations
•Emergency Landing Procedures
•Flight Maneuvers
•Ground Reference Maneuvers
•Performance Takeoffs And Landings
•Special Flight Operations

The Jeppesen Instrument/Commercial Pilot Video Series on DVD is 10 hours of training on 3 DVDs.

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